Why you should embrace your vulnerability

7 Feb

  In life, I have always set high standards for myself. During school, I worked hard to be the best performing student in academics as well as in sports. During college, I strived to be an all-round athlete and a macho male. In career as well, I strived to be a high performing employee for [...]

The Myth About Short Attention Span

8 Jan

In a recent discussion of which I was a part of, I was made privy to the notion that people’s attention span has reduced exponentially. A much debated and refuted study was quoted according to which on an average, it is now as low as 8 seconds. Apparently, it has fallen from a higher 12 [...]

My Journey Towards Happiness and Truth

4 Dec

One day I was sitting and reflecting on my journey so far, and I must say the hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s like an epiphany where you can retrospect on all the things you could have done differently and this happened to me when it came to certain habits and preferences. I have been [...]

Being Mentally Healthy

13 Nov

One of my colleagues was discussing with me about how difficult it is these days to manage everything, since everything has to be managed on the go! He was leaving for the day, and said he hoped to catch up enough sleep so that he could go to the morning marathon training session. Once home, [...]

Towards A Spiritual Economy

18 Sep

India is considered as one of the fastest growing and seventh-largest economy in the world with a GDP of $2.72 trillion. Our economy has evolved over the years considering the progressive increase in domestic consumption along with being the sixth largest consumer market in the world. These statistics gives us an insight into the increasing [...]

Gigging – The Workforce of Future

7 Aug

I ask a lot of youngsters what kind of jobs would they want. Would they want a 9 to 5 job that offers once in a year vacations and is repetitive; or, would they want a work where they can work wherever, whenever. A job which is exciting, gives them money – to pursue their [...]

Branding Insurance as an Attractive Career Choice

28 Jun

I recently went to a college for an interaction with the students there. During the course of which I asked them if they would want to join the insurance industry. Not many were inclined, and upon asking them the reason, they told me that they weren’t aware about what the sector does as such. Though [...]

Relevance of Life

22 May

Being a CEO often includes a lot of mentoring. People don’t look up to you merely for business solutions, they look up to you to guide and lead them, sometimes even on struggles on the personal front. They struggle to keep up to the pressures of the world, the expectations of family, friends and the [...]

The “Luck” Factor

2 Apr

Lot of times I hear people around me talk about the luck factor. Things like somebody is lucky, I am unlucky. Somebody gets all the best things in life, I don’t get things easily. As I interact with people closely I find this to be one of the most common statements. I hence tried to [...]

Questioning Our Biases

28 Feb

Oftentimes, across platforms, the most common apprehension that I receive from people, customers and new recruits alike is on insurers being reluctant on settling claims. Despite being there for people in their direst hours, despite being a bleeding industry in terms of claims, insurers even today are perceived with a negative bias. Being a scientist, [...]

The Future of Insurance

26 Jan

Globalization 4.0 is the buzz word today. Unlike the preceding phases of globalization – pre and post the world wars and the ongoing one, which were all about factories crossing borders, the 4.0 revolution is said to disrupt both the manufacturing and service sectors alike. Backed by technology, this wave is fast approaching us, and [...]

Building a Culture of Wellness

21 Dec

I have been an insurer throughout my career, and firmly believe that it’s one of the most efficient tools to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against unforeseen eventualities. Prevention however is always better than cure. Soldiers have their bullet-proof vests, construction workers have harnesses and helmets, riders have riding gears. Each profession comes with [...]