General Insurance Industry in India: A Bright Future Ahead

27 Mar

I sell insurance, general insurance to be more specific and I am proud about it. I actually wanted to be a scientist and was trained to be one but my mother wanted me to be a bureaucrat. In between this career dilemma one of my friends suggested me to take part in an entrance exam [...]

Who can be a Brand Ambassador?

13 Feb

As a child I remember seeing a poster somewhere which said ‘Iss Hotel ka malik dusre hotel mein khana khata hai’ which roughly translates to ‘The owner of this restaurant eats his meals in a different restaurant’. I found it hilarious and had a good laugh looking at it. But somehow, I never forgot the [...]

Going Social: Google+ Hangout with Customers

27 Jan

It is my strong belief that digital channels are the future of communication and an emerging feedback channel for brands. In the years to come, all communication will become interactive. Brands will fight it out with each other to get the customer’s attention and feedback channels will be as transparent as possible. Customer service will [...]

2013 – The Year in Review

4 Jan

Bajaj Allianz wishes you a Happy New Year

The year 2013 was very interesting for the General Insurance Industry. It was straight up amazing in certain aspects and a little testing at other times. Last year, the industry growth rate was around 18% and this year the industry experienced a sharp downfall and the growth for the last couple of months has come [...]

Managing Personality Differences at Work

9 Nov

I have a very bright youngster in my team who believes in getting every task done as fast as possible. He is very passionate about his work and I admire this quality in him. One day he looked very upset and frustrated. He told me that he had a difficult time making people understand what [...]

Celebrating Failures

20 Sep

I had a very interesting experience some days back. My younger daughter believing that she had not done well in her exams became depressed and started crying. I laughed at her innocent reason to cry and she complained that I was being mean to her. Then I explained that I was laughing thinking about my [...]

Fitness Needs to Come First

31 Aug

I always used to think that health and fitness are concerns of the elderly. It’s something people should start worrying about when they cross the age of 50 because till then the body will take care of itself no matter what you do or eat. I believed when you’re young, full of energy, working, travelling [...]

Handling Office Politics

12 Aug

I wanted to understand from different professionals as to what is it that bothers them the most at the workplace. One thing which came out strongly was that they wanted to know how to handle office politics. It made me think a lot, basically from three perspectives. Firstly, the reason behind the existence of office [...]

The Dynamics of Feedback

10 Jul

I have been reminiscing about the early days of my career. During that time, I was quite averse to negative feedback. If someone told me that I wasn’t doing something well, or I could do better, I would get irritated and feel very negative about that person. By contrast, if somebody told me positive things, [...]

The Right Person for the Right Job

24 Jun

During the early years of my career, I often wondered why two people could not think alike on the same matter. This simple mismatch of communication – a concept that was clear to me, not being easily understood by the other person – caused me a lot of stress and confusion in interpersonal relationships. With [...]

A Note to Our Customers

22 Jun

Dear customers, As an insurer, we consider it our first priority to provide assistance to our customers whenever they need it. The recent floods and the resulting destruction and hardship have shaken me up completely. I would like you to know that we are there for you, by your side, in this time of need. [...]

Thank You for Attending the Live Chat Session

5 Jun

Thank you all for participating in the live chat with me today. This has been a very insightful session which has helped us to understand you better, and we shall work on improving our services. If you have further queries or feedback, you can always reach me at or