My Two Cents for Millennials

19 Nov

I’m obsessed about the happiness of my employees. I want to provide them an enabling environment so they can succeed, be happy and prosperous. Sometimes I feel like an over-zealous parent who wants to do good for his children and strives to provide them the right environment for development. Of course, it’s for the child [...]

How We Are Working Hard Towards Losing Happiness

6 Oct

In today’s digital era we click and store 1000s of photographs but hardly revisit them unlike the past when we had albums for every occasion and holiday. One Sunday afternoon at home, I came across one such album while cleaning my study. It had photographs of my childhood, my daughters’ childhood and some recent ones. It brought [...]

Pride in Being an Insurer

17 Aug

Insurance, General Insurance

Image Credit: David Hilowitz via Flickr Would you agree with me if I said that a world without insurance would be much less developed and unstable? You would have probably chuckled at the above statement. Hopefully by the end of this post I will be able to change your perception. Why Insurance? When I joined [...]

Money Kills

15 Jul

  Recently I was invited by a University to deliver a speech at their induction ceremony. Two bright youngsters from the University were accompanying me to the venue. In the course of our discussion, I happened to casually quiz them about how much money they would want to make before calling it quits. They were [...]

Is ‘India Shining’ with ‘Make in India’?

11 Jun

Image courtesy: Deutsche Messe  This time I would like to share my experience of being part of a trade delegation to Germany for the largest industrial fair in the world, Hannover Messe. As the President of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, I had the honor and privilege to witness the fair first hand at a time [...]

The Roller Coaster of Winning and Losing

14 Mar

In one of my previous blogs I had spoken about ‘Celebrating Failures’ because in my life I have failed many times and wanted to share my experiences and learning with you. Once you accept failure in the right spirit and bounce back with a new approach winning becomes easy. The most difficult part is that [...]

What is Killing Productivity at Work? Meetings.

29 Nov

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be ‘meetings’.”-  Dave Barry I read this quote on Twitter and found it interesting and amusing. It contradicts our conventional way of thinking. We believe that meetings are [...]

Life Lessons from My Greatest Teachers: My Parents

4 Sep

Like every other person, my life too had a series of ups and downs, good times and bad times. Quite often I was able to overcome them and would bounce back despite adversities. Now when I look back, I try to introspect what really helped me sail through those difficult times. When I was a [...]

Do we really know what customers want?

13 Jun

  As the MD & CEO of a very customer focused company, one of my obsessions is to keep a tab of what the customer wants and how do we deliver the best results to them. Initially our focus was to be the first one to deliver to the customer. So, if the general trend [...]

Happiness and Sadness in Pursuit of Promotion

21 May

The word ‘promotion’ was made significant to us right from the early days of our childhood. Back in school, every year we had to clear examinations and the results would say ‘Promoted to the Next Class’. If somebody was not promoted he/she would be seen as a big failure and would cause huge embarrassment to [...]

5 Ways to Get a Good Appraisal

24 Apr

Right from my childhood the period from March-April would build anxiousness in me. March would mark the beginning of annual exams and the pressure of performing well and scoring good grades would cloud my mind. This would invariably get me nervous and stressed. During my college days I lived in a hostel. There was a [...]

General Insurance Industry in India: A Bright Future Ahead

27 Mar

I sell insurance, general insurance to be more specific and I am proud about it. I actually wanted to be a scientist and was trained to be one but my mother wanted me to be a bureaucrat. In between this career dilemma one of my friends suggested me to take part in an entrance exam [...]